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Wednesdays! San Antonio, TX

November 8th San Antonio TX

Wednesdays! San Antonio, TX


Mindful Parenting

I remember 4 years ago my ex-husband was angry and told me that "your children are not a job, an obligation, they are a blessing and a privilege". At the time I was deeply hurt and offended by his comment. It was meant to hurt me, I know that. And I also know that there must have been some bit of truth in what he was seeing. That somehow I was treating parenting as a burden and trudging through tasks like atlas up the hill. And the truth of it is, many of us do that. Don't we? Parenting is the biggest gift and biggest challenge that we can receive and we often forget that and get caught up in the tasks.

When we can return to love, and desire and joy we can parent from a place of excitement! Every day becomes easy and in flow. We can share the joy and love they embody and spread more of that feeling back out into the world.

First, we have to drop all the "shoulds", all the stories we are told of how to do it right, all the ways our parents did it and society tells us how it should be done. We have to find the joy in parenting and what we actually want to do again. How we actually want to show up in the world for ourselves and our children. What legacy do WE want to leave?!

Parenting from a place of full, of love and of conscious behavior. Drop the should's and ask yourself how WOULD you parent if you could do it anyway you wanted to? And you can! We meet every week at Just The Drip Coffee Shop off Boerne Stage Rd. Please join us and add to the consciousness!

Join me Wednesday morning for a discussion on the "old" way and how to move into "our" way.

These questions and more will be answered in our interactive class on writing a desire contract. Learn to design your relationship and style your life the way YOU want it. Not the way that people believe it should be or you assume your partner wants it. Learn to get to the deep vulnerable and lasting intimacy that we all are looking for in our relationship. 

Monthly, San Antonio, TX

November 8th San Antonio TX

Wednesdays! San Antonio, TX


Taboo Talks 

So many people  are intimidated by talking about sex and relationship. They approach it with a certain amount of reservation, fear, and taboo.
What they don’t realize is that we all have these desires that aren’t taboo at all. Some people’s resistance is they don’t know where to start and they’re looking for a “you too?!” moment.

Come to taboo talks and let your freak flag fly!

November 8th San Antonio TX

November 8th San Antonio TX

November 8th San Antonio TX


The Intimacy Lab

Are you curious to know more about yourself and others?  If there was one thing you could change in your life what would it be?  

Change begins with awareness.

The Intimacy Lab is a monthly event designed to look at yourself through different tools and lenses to become more aware of how you really show up.  The same way that our perspective of the universe is different if we look through a microscope, telescope, or just our own eyes we can gain new understandings with new tools.

We will take time to explore, investigate, and play looking deeper at either ourselves, our relationships, or our community.  

Each month is a unique combination that may include meditations, facilitated conversations, individual or partnered exercises, communication games, videos, dyads, etc around intimate issues like relationship, sexuality, acceptance, forgiveness, desire, healing. It can be fun to learn in a group because often it is easier to see ourselves as the reflection in another.  

The Lab is created to be a pleasurable and eye opening experience that takes you just to the edge of your comfort zone and has you leave feeling more alive and connected.

Feel free to ask questions if you are feeling some resistance...that is normal in the face of change!

Eleanor Claiborne and Deseere Cruz will be your guides for this event. Feel free to check out their websites if you want to know more.

Eleanor Claiborne


Deseere Cruz 


July 24th San Antonio, TX

July 24th San Antonio, TX

November 8th San Antonio TX


Manifest 2020: Manifestation Takes Massive Action!

Manifesting your perfect 2020 takes work! You have to do more than set intentions, make a vision board, throw a coin into a wishing well, send smoke signals to your higher power, make sacrifices to the money gods... you get the idea lol. 

You have to take massive action! Plan, prepare, execute and Thrive!

In this workshop we you will:

Plan-What do you want? What is blocking you? What is your intention? Who do you need to be?

Prepare-What do you need to to be that person? What do you need to do to remove those blocks? What do you need to learn? What resources do you need to have?

Execute-Take Action! Know your why. Make a target plan that is manageable and put it in your calendar. 

Thrive!-Learn about your limiting beliefs, what stops you from thriving and move into survival mode. 

You will leave with a plan for the rest of 2019, feeling more empowered and clearer about your 2020 Vision!

July 25th San Antonio, TX

July 24th San Antonio, TX

July 25th San Antonio, TX


Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting
Stop killing each other and start connecting!

Ever notice how you and your partner or friends get into the circular dance of conflict and can't seem to stop the music.

What if you had some tools? Some awareness? Some insight into why you do this?

Come discover your fighting stye! What triggers you into this dance? How can you stop it? Where could you course correct to create a win win for everyone instead of constantly feeling like someone has to loose?

Find freedom instead of the fight. 

July 27th San Antonio, TX

July 24th San Antonio, TX

July 25th San Antonio, TX


Business 101: Girl Power Hour
As of 2017, more than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales (NAWBO). If you've recently jumped into that astounding number of female identifying business owners, or are looking to take that step- this workshop is for you.

Join us for our second workshop in our mentorship series, "Business 101." This intimate event, open to only 25 women, will give you one-on-one time with mentors who are leaders in their industries and have walked the walk when it comes to developing successful busineses. You'll have one-on-one time with experts in marketing, accounting, business development, and legal.

See you at TriPoint on Saturday, July 27th from 9-11 am.