Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

Juli-Air Force Veteran, current program manager and working towards her second masters degree in theology!

"You can have what you want right now. You are worthy right now!"

Abby Diehl-Psycologist

Manifesting Money Through The Feminine

Erica Vargas-Love Evolution Coach

"Everything that you desire is on the other side of fear"

Ceally Smith-Metaphysical Mentor and Business Coach. Founder of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Creating Your Kingdom through self-love

Teresa Velazquez-Retired Police Lieutenant and Financial Advisor

Living Fearlessly and Dropping Your stories

Jeremy Devons-Quiet Mind Yoga

Clearing Blocks to heal and have what you want

"I "thought" I knew myself..."

Mary Dolan-Marketer and Writer

"Why I Hired a Life Coach"

Chloe Adams-Badass Boss Babes Podcast