Johnathan Netter-Desire Coach San Diego, CA

Coaching with Deseeré impacted me in many ways. She put exquisite attention on me. I had an opening during our coaching where she told me that I was speeding up to numb out. I instantly resonated with what she said, dropped in in that moment and started to slow myself down. I experienced for the first time in my life my mind going slower than my body/actions. A world of deep profound connection to my body and in my relationships opened up in ways I couldn't have imagined previously. I'm so grateful for Deseeré’s skillful stroking and being my partner in having this huge opening. I highly recommend Deseeré for a deeply felt, transformational coaching experience that I believe is sure to cause major shifts if one is open and available to receiving it. 

Eric Vargas-Relationship Coach Austin, TX

This woman has changed my life. We have spent the last 7 months digging deep into ALL my bullshit stories around success. When I started with her the BS I was living in was I’m not good enough, I don’t need love, I don’t really want to be successful, being healthy is a challenge, and of course the one that is the bases for all of this, I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Working with Des was like having that really honest, blunt, encouraging best friend that I actually listened too.

After working with her I’ve realized being healthy is a self love project that I can totally get on board with, I’m not only “good enough” but I’m worthy, (A lot of worthy work and I highly recommend Des for this work) and that I do want success and I just needed to design that success for myself!

The best part is our relationship isn’t over!

Rachel and Cody Brown San Antonio, TX

When we began working with Deseere, we were looking for clarity in nearly every aspect of our lives, both individually and as a couple.  We have worked with therapists in the past on self-improvement efforts, but working with Deseere as our coach was an entirely different experience.  She really challenged us to do some hard work, again both individually and as a couple.  Deseere “gets it”. She was great at reading our body language, even through video chat, and drawing out the things we were not saying.  She gave us language to convey our needs to one another more clearly, which has had a positive impact on our relationship with each other, our children, and even in business. We made some life-changing decisions following our time with her, and continue to employ the tools we were given during our coaching relationship. We have recommended her to dozens of friends, and will continue to do so. Thank you, Deseere, for helping us live our desires! 

Jessica Giesey-Photographer San Antonio, TX

Deseere’s methods are not traditional, and that’s what makes her so unique.  I came in to the sessions wanting concrete evidence and case studies on how things should work, but what I received was a way to human connection and way to work through the blocks and fears I had about what I could actually accomplish in my life—which I’ve learned is incredibly more valuable.  She has a way of making you take a step back from yourself to see who you are, and want to be.  

Her ideas for business growth are fantastic. Deseere helped me realize my potential new opportunities for my business, and my client base has expanded beyond what I thought possible!   I know I have come out of my shell in many ways and look at my business in an entirely different light!